Flash Bang Grenada remixed by Kenny Segal

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flash bang grenada

Kenny Segal mixed Flash Bang Grenada's 10 Haters record. He kept the stems for his own doings, remixing “In A Perfect World” out of its electro-funk and into a pristine jazz-glitch soundscape. It's light, airy and awkward as shit beneath Busdriver's opening verse of bars about Jesus-jizz, penis bouqettes, and treating under carriages like speed bags. Segal's perfect world sounds like Brainfeeder re-envisioning the relaxation music associated with dentist offices and massage parlors. It would truly be an alternate universe if the label sought that rabbit hole, but thanks to Segal we know what awaits on the other side.

Flash Bang Grenada's 10 Haters is out now on Hellfyre Club.