Francis Lung, “A Selfish Man”

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francis lung

The moniker of former WU LYF wunderkind Tom McClung, Francis Lung is a project born from despair and severed ties. The prolific musician and pop-perfect craftsman has released his first single since “Age Limits” and the disbanding of WU LYF in 2012, and the theme, a man's reckoning with his inherent selfishness, is tasty and confrontational insight into McClung's outward persona. Paired with a springy pop backbeat and a shimmering guitar, the song ends up sounding less like selfishness and more like selflessness. There's nothing more giving than a pop song with a relatable confessional outlook.

Francis Lung will be releasing his first 7″ since WU LYF through French label Atelier Ciseaux on January 16, preorders for which are available here.