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Night Times

Fred Thomas does a lot of rad things. He was in Saturday Looks Good To Me. He is currently in City Center. He produced Silk Flowers and has released dozens of CD-Rs, cassettes and 7″s. Fred just got a little radder with the release of a digital download titled Night Times.

On the City Center blog, Fred apologized for the lack of solo material. He and Ryan Howard, the second half of City Center, have been hard at work completing Spring Street, which is a four song 12″ that looks hella wintery. City Center has a great offer on its blog, we suggest you take full advantage of: a 12″, a 7″, a cassette and a limited edition City Center t-shirt for $40. This offer only goes to the first 50 takers – do not hibernate.

Anyways, Fred is back with 15 solo songs called Night Times that will get you through those cold lonely ones spent with a quilt, a book and your broken thoughts. You might not be able to afford your heating bill, so let Fred serenade you out of those worries and shivers.

Download Night Times here.

Fred Thomas, “Skeletons Join Hands”

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