Fredrik Ness Sevendal

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Fredrik Ness Sevendal, Tinoll

This tape came out in 2009. Let's listen to it anyway.

Multi-track c40s can be like watching different colored paints dry to a wall in the dark, but Fredrik Ness Sevendal keeps things varied and focused. Largely honed around outer limit guitar destruction through the prism of unknown electronic boxes, with a few auxiliary percussion toys at his beck and call, Fredrik Ness Sevendal's Tinoll (c40, Sloow Tapes) is a David Lynchian nightmare of cave reverb melody, midnight muttering, the car left running outside that you hear through the window panes. At times suffocatingly dense and then suddenly sparse and lonely, only to tumble into tom-driven rock dirges, this generally creepy, cerebral release never loses hold of its powerfully evocative, textural sensibility.


Fredrik Ness Sevendal, “Not My Table”

Fredrik Ness Sevendal, “Smooth Fall”