Freestyle Class with Dose One

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Here's an episode of XLR8R TV, brought to my attention by the rap blogging genius Noz, about a freestyle class being taught by Anticon rapper Dose One.

Dose is a fucking amazing rapper who freestyles better than most human beings could ever hope to, really. And here we get to see him teaching kids from the age of thirteen to what looks to be about twenty years old how to freestyle in a cypher.

I like this idea way more than I hate it, but why is this class also a “Learn Why Lil Wayne Sucks” class? Two times he is brought up and disregarded as pop garbage, apparently not worth being studied. Doesn't Lil Wayne freestyle most, if not all, of his raps? Listen to “A Milli“, or basically any of his other songs, and tell me that isn't some of the strangest, most jumbled stuff you heard since, well, Dose One. Who knows though, maybe I'm getting free association mixed up with freestyle. Whatever. This video is worth it if for no other reason than to see that little kid rap.