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Jonas Reinhardt

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Last week 100% Silk recording artist Pharaohs took us to an alternate universe with their mix. This week we follow up with an artist/band on big brother label Not Not Fun, Jonas Reinhardt, who through some cosmic intuition caused a chain letter by leading with Pharaohs' “Everything Copy”. Throughout Jonas Reinhardt's contribution to the series, 100% Silk and Not Not Fun artists like Octo Octa, Xander Harris and Umberto make appearances. It's enough to give us the feeling the wiring within the labels via the sci-fi they channel has obscured their waking lives. Jonas sent a postcard along with his mix which read;

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Any given Friday to prepare for rallies at the Paradromis, I kit up with Ariana, draw a ritual bath of Pili Pili and Radon, and light off to the stage. This is what you might hear on our Kipnis Standard as we're getting ready.

He could have signed off, “Must be going… Phillip K. Dick is complaining of bugs everywhere again. Cheerio!” and we'd have not balked. Is there a danger of spending too many hours among the lasers and fog? Have the ghosts of kosmiche musik escaped their analog tombs to inhabit the body of Jonas Reinhardt? Does he stay up all night in clubs spinning records for androids in the fog and lasers?

Jonas Reinhardt, “Android Friends mix”

Reinhardt's Friday Night Mix:
01 Pharaohs, “Everything Copy”
02 Stellar Om Source,”Mirage”
03 Ashra, “Live in Japan 1997”
04 Majeure, “Geneva Spur”
05 Umberto, “The Summoning”
06 Xander Harris, “Bring Me Their Heads”
07 Octo Octa, “Come Closer”
08 Spell, “The Vision”
09 Inner Tube, “Bali High”
10 Lightdreams, “Islands in Space”

Jonas Reinhardt's Mask of the Maker is out on Not Not Fun.

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