Froth, “Saccharine Sunshine”

Sjimon Gompers

Part of Mock Records’ 7″ series, Froth is set to release the “Saccharine Sunshine” single, b/w “Distant Ties”, September 23 and we got your debut listen to the A-side. Picking up where we left off with the band after the release of Patterns—”Saccharine Sunshine” shines a mind-swirling light on Froth flying higher than a daredevil fleet of soaring supermen from the 1960s.

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The brand new trip is initiated with a rolling rhythmic engine-like start-up, that begins the the newest chapter from Froth. The elaborate arrangement of instrumental placement, timing, and techniques used on “Saccharine Sunshine” break through the analogous time-space-barriers for an approach that is both anachronistic yet anchored in the key of now. Joo-Joo Ashworth’s lyrical delivery calls out from within the eye of the song’s centrifugal-spiraling mix of fearless and fuzzed out guitar, Jeremy Katz and Cameron Allen’s rhythmic storm, to the ominous psychedelic alarm clock of Jeff Fribourg’s Omnichord. “I see your eyes, look into my mind, smile so surreal, dead inside.” Joo-Joo joins us again immediately following the A-side premiere to talk about the latest psyched-out developments and directions from Froth, with words on LA’s own healthy independent scenes.

Following up Patterns, what has felt different for you with recording the “Saccharine Sunshine” b/w “Distant Ties” singles?

The process of writing and recording Patterns is mostly a result of actually being able to write and record songs. The whole thing was recorded in less than a day. The songs on the 7″ were written about a year ago but were recorded more recently and after we had more experience recording. It’s a real sophomore release.

Your sound on both of these tracks is taking off in more sonic directions from your already established Nuggets-esque garage sound. What do you attribute shifts and sharpening of your sound in these directions?

The songs are sort of a bridge between the songs on Patterns and something more confident. The Nuggets-y sound was really attractive when we first started because of the simplicity of the songs and recording techniques, but now I think we are more capable of producing something that’s more of a product of different inspirations (Richard Brautigan, Stereolab, My Bloody Valentine) and generally being capable of making new sounds.

What were some of the summer’s highlights for you all?

I think the biggest highlight for the band was probably Echo Park Rising. We debuted some new songs and felt they were pretty well received. Also we finished our first full national tour early on this summer which felt like a new chapter for us.

Favorite under the radar artists and releases that you feel are deserving of more attention?

I think two current bands the we all agree should be doing really big things are Tropical Popsicle and Dirt Dress. It’s a cool feeling being inspired by friends. These guys are going to blow up any day now.

What other recordings, full-length, EP, plans are in the works?

Right now we’re in Florida, out on another national tour, but we plan on recording a new album right when we get back. It will probably be out early to mid 2015 and we’re going on a European tour in February.

The state of the Echo Park indie scenes and so forth?

The Echo Park/Los Angeles scene is really strong right now. The more we tour, the more we realize how lucky we are to be in the middle of it all in LA. It’s also cool to see how much Lolipop Records has been doing for the scene and how much success they have been having since they have supported us so much from the beginning.

Froth’s Saccharine Sunshine 7″ will be available September 23 from Mock Records single series. First 100 45s are pressed in limited colored vinyl.

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