Future Twin, “Sara”

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Jean Jeanie of Future Twin

While the Bay Area shifts between indian summer and the threat of autumn rains; Future Twin is keeping the sunny season here with the premiere of “Sara” as part of the San Francisco band's Summer Single Series. Not your father or mother's “Hey Joe”; Jean Jeanie, Antonio Roman-Alcalá, DK and William Cotton follow up the self-described 'moongayze' of “Summer Song” with empowering boulder crusher “Sara” that Jeanie attributes as a testament to the strength of heroes Yukako Ezoe, Nora Roman, Megan Wilson, Ivy McClelland and Marlo Longley. With recording courtesy of Andrew Fried and Hillary Ellis, mixing provided by Exray's mixologist supreme Jon Bernson and mastering from Mike Wells we get to hear another s evolution from one of SF's newest revolutionary groups that continues their rise by crafting their sounds in the styles and concepts of proactive cues from the electric bass heart beat of the the streets toward projected future. Jeanie explains:

“This song, “Sara” is the second in Future Twin's “Summer Single Series” celebrating San Francisco's Indian Summer. It is about the “every woman” as Sara is a popular name and there are umpteen songs written about Saras, so we've added one of our own in an updated fashion. A lot of other Sara songs are about a sweet girl, often love songs, etc. This song is about the everywoman's disillusionment with the status quo and her explorations about other alternatives, how to deal with the growing hopelessness inherent in modern day life, how she wants to run away from it all, but to where? Everyone always says you can't run away from your problems, and I personally also believe in this. But I also believe in fighting back against oppression.

Sometimes it seems that one can utilize their anger in a more positive way, by channeling it to create more change, to stand up for your ideals. So, this song is a sort of homage to the everywoman's ability to fight for her rights. It is a conceptual call to arms. On a personal note, I just received an eviction notice from 2 brothers that just moved to the city and bought our house, then served us an eviction 2 days later. This could be something I run from. But instead I am choosing to stay and FIGHT BACK. Also, the line about dismay, is a nod to not getting too emotional when fighting for things you deeply care about, but rather being collected and strategic, as that bolsters one's credibility. And since women are often categorized as being “emotional,” (*for the record, I don't think women are more emotional than men, but rather that women have been conditioned to show their emotions; that it is more socially acceptable. Whereas men are socially conditioned to not show emotions), this is a direct call to them to keep their wits about them and to stand up together. I am fortunate to have been inspired by strong women like Yukako Ezoe, Nora Roman, Megan Wilson, Ivy McClelland and Marlo Longley. Would love to give these ladies a shout out!! They are all local to the Bay and doing amazing work.”</p>

The lyrics are:

Where you gonna go with that gun in your hand?
I know all these people, all these things
you cannot stand.

Run. To?
Run. To?

Are you gonna jump into the fray?
All of your emotion?
All of your dismay?

Run. To?
Run. To?

Written and performed by Future Twin: Jean Jeanie, Antonio Roman-Alcalá, DK and William Cotton
Recorded by: Andrew Fried and Hillary Ellis of Ex'pression College
Mixed by: Jon Bernson of Exray's
Mastered by: Mike Wells

Future Twin play this Sunday, October 28 with Deep Teens and Casy & Brian for their record release party at Thee Parkside. Their self-titled deluxe edition album with “Resist” 7-inch is out now.