Gem Trails, “Cashed Out For Real”

Dayna Evans

gem trails

It may seem unusual to suggest, but in listening to this Gem Trails track, it becomes clear that the beauty comes from its lack of release. It begins with an aggressive mouth crash, but then as elements are added, blended, and mixed within its excitable sound, it never fully makes it over the peak, and that is perfectly okay. Whether you've been indulging in a little too much lights-out alone time with only the luminous shine of your laptop to keep you awake, or if the headphones-on early morning wakeup sunshine is touching on your sensitive nerves, then this Gem Trails track will have you either questioning this earth's reality or accepting it. It's dystopian and pulsating and lodges itself beneath your skin, like a robot chip.

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The Gem Trails EP, Dripps, releases through Fire Talk Records on September 9. The man behind Gem Trails will be playing a show at 252 Norman Ave tonight with Olden Yolk and Daniel Bachman, details for which can be found here. Additional dates listed below.

22 – Brooklyn, NY @ Silent Barn (Upstairs)
23 – Harrisburg, PA @ Little Amps
24 – Indianapolis, IN @ Cataracts Music Festival
26 – Chicago, IL @ Untra Lounge
29 – Minneapolis, MN @ TBA
30 – Milwuakee, WI @ Frank's Power Plant
31 – Chicago, IL @ Permanent Records

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