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German Measles

Two fourths of Cause Co-Motion and two parts Beachniks, German Measles dropped a tape here, an EP there and now it is time for the artistic revelation of a full length. A German Is No Laughing Matter is the German Measles full length debut. The first single is “It's Me Babe,” a stirring minute and forty seconds of front door knocking proclamations that somehow suicide squeezes a Go Ask Alice reference, a woo-woo outro and a two note harmonica solo. Still, if you haven't opened your door to German Measles after a minute and a half of this band belligerently putting it on the line in your front lawn, then you don't deserve the Measles.

German Measles' debut A German Joke Is No Laughing Matter is out now on Krazy Punx.

Preorders can be made through What's Your Rupture?.

German Measles, “It's Me Babe”