Get zoned with Loop

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If you ask Sonic Boom about the new “deluxe” Loop reissues, he might tell you (like he told an interviewer) that he doesn’t care much, because the band ripped off his own highly influential band, Spacemen 3. While I don’t really believe this to be the case, I could understand Kember’s paranoia due to the fact that yes, both bands functioned around the same time period and played droning psych rock, and also because Spacemen 3 did a ton of drugs that probably helped influence a good deal of crackpot ideas. But listening to the new reissues for Heaven's End, Fade Out, A Gilded Eternity, and The World In Your Eyes, I’m actually convinced that Loop was actually a more complete package and a bit more complex than Sonic Boom’s band, and that the stuff Loop put out during this time is some of the finest Stooges meets Can sort of stuff you can hope for. Obvious forbearers for bands like The People’s Temple, A Place to Bury Strangers, and even reminiscent of Clinic’s early aughts stuff, it really seems like it has taken far too long for Loop to get the credit they deserve.

Loop, “Heaven's End”