Ghost X Gardens, “Hittin The Bricks”

Any one who may have read Patti Smith’s great biography, Just Kids, knows what role the Chelsea Hotel in NYC played in housing some of the greatest creative minds of the past 100 years from a night to years. Adam Rushfield, who records as Ghost X Gardens, came into the Chelsea Hotel for a very interesting part of its history; the end. The famed hotelier Stanley Bard, who passed away in early 2017, had granted Rushfield permanent resident status before being quickly evicted along with many long time residents by shareholders.

Ghost X Garden’s forthcoming album, Heartbreak Hotel Chelsea, was inspired by this time where Rushfield was able to embrace his artistry in an enviroment that more than encouraged it. Today, Impose has the exclusive premiere of its latest single, “Hittin The Bricks.” The raucous, soul-ful, horn-laden track plays like a party spilling out in the hotel hallway with a bleary-eyed, street-wise swagger.

Rushfield shares:

“The story behind ‘Hittin’ The Bricks’ is very similar to the story within the track. Music, lyrics, and the recording process all started in Las Vegas and were finished in NYC. Most of the album was recorded all over the US, with musicians in different cities. Many of them have never met.”

Stream Ghost X Gardens’ “Hittin The Bricks” below and look for Heartbreak Hotel Chelsea out this Friday.