Amanda Huff & Peter J Thomas, “Only In Dreams”

Back in late 2017, we featured “The Darkness,” a track from Milwaukee-based artists LUXI and Lex Allen. It came as a part of a series of collaborative singles cultivated by the Brooklyn-based collective YouTooCanWoo as its founders seek to illuminate the diverse talents from their hometown.

Now, YouTooCanWoo is sharing its latest team-up, “Only In Dreams,” which pairs vocalist Amanda Huff and Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra cellist Peter J Thomas along with producer Robert Perlick-Molinari. The result is a sweeping epic of a track as Thomas’ strings set a dark, frenetic atmosphere with Huff’s powerful vocals carrying “Only In Dreams” to dramatic peaks.

“This was a new and challenging process,” shares Huff. “This collaboration happened over the course of three short sessions, which is a mode I’m yet used to working in, but it was great fun, having to be so open and direct when creating and problem-solving. I think we managed to come out of it with a cohesive product that still was able to showcase our individual voices.”

Stream Amanda Huff & Peter J Thomas’ “Only In Dreams” and add check it out via your preferred streaming service here.