Giving Up, “Bury Me In My Bikini”

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giving up

On the other side of our Sophomore Lounge premieres today, we have Giving Up, a Kentucky/Iowa band who utilizes the often-forgotten beauty of male-female companion vocals and a keyboard to craft bubbly, self-conscious pop songs. Think Los Campesinos! if they lived in a basement and spent a lot of time thinking about swimming, beaches, and youthful adventures while making grilled cheese sandwiches and pounding canned beer. The greatest line in the track “Bury Me In My Bikini” is the strained epitaph of “Rest in peace / on the beach” and one can only imagine what a singalong, jangle-punk kind of show Giving Up puts on. I wouldn't be the first to say it, but let's hope that Giving Up never actually gives up. Wacka wacka wacka.

This track comes from the split we previously mentioned with Boston band Saralee, and you can pick up the Wow! Great Price! cassette through Sophomore Lounge Records here.