Glass Gang, “Waves”

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“Waves” is the first listen from a cryptic bunch who call themselves the Glass Gang. Giving little to go on with an informationless tumblr b/w picture blog; this rebel club turns the art of keeping a close, moping, dream pop eye on your Chuck Taylor-trainers for black leather boot-gazing observances. With elemental notes that skip across summer lakes of tranquility, Glass Gang tames the gnashing of guitar dirt that gives the song weight while crunching out the sonic spaces of the heaviest air.

The keyboard commencement sends for the best bass dropping 909s beats around for skeletal padding and structural preservation. Meanwhile the guitars churn in ambient noise substations as the keyboards from earlier evolve into a translucent ascension of evaporated morning dew droplets. The vocals harmonize with that claustrophobia found when the dream world is met with the alarm clock awakening to the conscious world, living underneath the drum pad sequencing and mixing that appoints all other elements to hover above the vocals. Listen closer and you will find a growing relationship between the keys and guitar layered signals where the two audio ingredients interact like the communications chemicals must have when they react, relate and conflict with each other. The reaction here stems from the cocktail of sparse percussion sequenced dynamics that gives a wind direction to the airborne sonar sound-“Waves”.

Our attempts to contact and deduce any aspect identity were stonewalled with 'no comment' dead ends. Through some amateur detective work we found liner note ready lineages that pointed toward recording sessions overseen by Alexander Almgren in Bushwick, Greenpoint, and Crown Heights in Brooklyn and mastered by Joe Lambert.