Glassio Premieres The Remix for Goldwash’s “Need to Hear”

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need to hear

Brooklyn-based Electro-pop duo Glassio–comprised of Charlie Pinel and Sam Radseresht–is back with one insane remix. “Need to Hear” as originally recorded by Goldwash was one for the books, to be sure, but Glassio has brought it to a whole other level.

While Goldwash took the song on a lighter, almost fairy-like note, with the instrumentals, Glassio has taken a much more heavy beat. Its intricacy is something that can be appreciated on a cross-genre level, giving this dance pop duo a very real shot at being whirlwind household names.

Here’s some advice. If you’re curating a dance mix anytime soon, don’t leave this one off the list. It’s a “Need to Hear”.