Gossamer, “Untitled 1 Mix”

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Establishing a discipline to many is the end game. For a select few the discipline is step one and the boundless unknown beyond that discipline is the true test. Los Angeles ambient artist Evan Reiner, under the moniker Gossamer, makes ambient music with an intrepid mind state previously found in auteur’s like Stanley Kubrick and artists like Ai Weiwei and Delia Derbyshire.

The visionary m.o. is obvious on the album artwork. On Automaton, his two years in the making debut, Gossamer navigates the beyond his predecessors, foundations, and visionary beacons. Automaton is a guide through a world that has received the transmissions from Boards of Canada, Tortoise, and Autechre, studied their methods and now communicate through their language. For Gossamer’s “Untitled 1 Mix”, he collected the archival works of his ambient forefathers, from Eno to Monoton and the textural departures from Broadcast and Kraftwerk in between. “Untitled 1 Mix” finds Gossamer as not a student of the soundpiece, but versed in study with the intent of mastery. If Automaton is a day in the life on Gossamer’s distant planet, “Untitled 1 Mix” contextualizes the thousand years of ambient solitude it took to arrive.

Gossamer’s Automaton is out July 10 on Innovative Leisure.

“Untitled 1 Mix” tracklisting:
01 Aldenwels, “Courtmis”
02 Monoton, “Fish”
03 The Tapes, “From Outside”
04 Kraftwerk, “Ananas Symphonie”
05 Broadcast, “Teresas Song (Sorrow)”
06 Brian Eno, “Condition 3”
07 Jon Gibson, “Visitations I”
08 Windy & Carl, “Venice”
09 Steve Roach, “Structures From Silence”
10 Pete Namlook, “While Angels Sleep”
11 Moire, “Ceremony”
12 La Monte Young, “The Well Tuned Piano”
13 Gossamer, “Truax”