Halasan Bazar and Tara King th., “Rot Inside”

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Copenhagen psych prophets Halasan Bazar and Parisian crafter of new possible realms, Tara King th., fronted by the talented Beatrice Morel-Journel, premiere “Rot Inside”, off their upcoming October collaborative full-length, 8, from Moon Glyph. A video teaser documenting the recording process between the European artists shows the sessions, dialogues and combination of instrumental gear and contributions exchanged between themselves. Finding a harmonic meeting, the two camps transform the EU landscape like a wild west backdrop for an expressive lyrical showdowns between two outlaw posses.

Dancing on the dangerous points of decay and destitution, “Rot Inside” features Halasan Bazar and Tara King th. saturating themselves in the sacred institutions, methods, and traditions championed by the greatest, legendary duet partners the world has ever known. Silver-spurred percussion and underscored woodwinds set the arid scene, where the paradoxical nature of “nurture” and “tortured” are wrapped up in a dueling exchange. “Nurture me, and let me follow you, nurture me, don’t ever let me go,” Halasan Bazar begs in turn to the opposite response and request from Tara King th., “torture me and let me follow you, torture me, you never let me go.” The back and forth trading of desert struck desperation and co-dependent companionship as Beatrice sings out sweet dulcets of surrender, “help me now, just tell me what to think,” to the brooding of demands of Halasan’s “sing with me, so I can feel you’re fear.” The complicit call and responses between the two creative powers conjoin together in the unison plane of the duet, where their voices and volition meet on the same wavelength. “Fear me now, because I will never die…I rot inside…inside my mind.” Taking us behind the sand bathed southern gothic debut of “Rot Inside”, Halasan Bazar wrote us the following introduction to their own slice of silver screen magic.

I´ve always been keen on a duet like 60’s pop, with a real film-ish country twang to it. Tara King’s filmatic approach to it accents our sloppy garage-country into some bachelor pad baroque epicness, and Beatrice’s cold femme fatal-ish style I always love. The ending is my favorite of all of it. somehow I was inspired by 2Pac’s “Gangsta Paradise” when I made up those ‘strings’ in the end. Actually I totally ripped that off.

The collaborative album 8 from Halasan Bazar and Tara King th. will be available October 13 from Moon Glyph.