Halloween mixtape!

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Scarrry Pop Jew mixtape #7

It's almost the scariest day of the year! The day that witches leave their houses to celebrate! That's right: Election Day! (Get it??? Christine O'Donnell??? I think I should send that topical joke to Jay Leno!)

But seriously folks, it's time for Halloween, one of our national drinking holidays that is awesome for partying/awful for not getting yelled at in the streets by drunken aggro douchebags.

Well on this Halloween, whether you're taking body shots off of a wasted chick dressed like a character from TV's Mad Men or hiding inside your house with your phone turned off to avoid embarrassing text messages, you should have something to listen to.

Enjoy this mix. It's spooky, it's poppy, it's fun for everyone!!! Now shut up and give me a minute to perfect my “Liz Lemon in high school” costume.

Pop Jew Halloween Mixtape!

01 Hippy Witch – No Bunny
02 Girl with no Face – The Church of My Love
03 Slash Your Face – Dogs
04 Friendly Ghost – Harlem
05 I Hate You – D. Watusi
06 Worm – The Wax Museums
07 Stoned To Death – Zero Boys
08 Pet Sematary (Single Version) – The Ramones
09 Skulls – Misfits
10 Mr.Chainsaw – Alkaline Trio
11 Hawkwound – Heavy Cream
12 Chains – The Beatles
13 Dancing In The Dark – Bruce Springsteen
14 Odditty – The Clean
15 Debaser – Pixies
16 That's Mighty Childish Of You – The Mummies
17 Chemical – A Frames
18 Bonus Track (Party Time Machine) – Coconut Coolouts
19 Go Down, Mighty Devil – Country Teasers
20 Knockin On Hell's Door – Guinea Worms