It’s been a while since we last heard from Hanford Reach, the Brooklyn-based band comprised of Chris Sherman and Leah Cinnamon. Rising to the occasion of these deeply uncertain times, that all changed recently with the release of the “Winston Smith” single.

Named for the 1984 protaganist, Hanford Reach whip up an urgent neo-psych rocker that finds hope out of a dense, hazy cloud of troubles.

To celebrate the release of “Winston Smith,” we had Hanford Reach share five other tracks they’ve been digging recently. Check it all out below and keep it tuned here for more.

Pond – “Sixteen Days”

I was a huge fan of their last LP, so knowing a new one is on the way has me pretty stoked. This song took me a few listens to get into, infectious groove aside. I suppose it’s got a bit of Beck’s “Odelay” to it at the start, but by the vocoder in the chorus, it turns more toward the Pond style one would be used to by now. The outro synth/ guitar solo riff is pure awesomeness. I just wish this one was longer! Looking forward to seeing them on tour in a few weeks.

Lunar Vacation – “Daytime”

There is something so perfect and breezy about this song. It evokes driving with the windows down on a beautiful day, lamenting your current love life; this is the song you want playing when you’re in the state. The vocals are effortlessly comforting yet have a haunting twist to them. And the music is just great indie pop.

Melody’s Echo Chamber – “Quand Les Larmes D’un Ange Font Danser La Neige”

This was one of those forever-in-the-making albums that I couldn’t wait for. It’s way more organic than her debut, definitely due to the Dungen involvement. This song has been perhaps my most played since it came out this summer. The choruses are beautiful and melodic and chill-inducing. The emotional power is so strong as well; you can feel Melody’s actual pain in her screams during the outro. And once those haunting Mellotron strings fade up, it’s like you’re immersed in her dark world.

The Amazing – “Asleep”

I could honestly pick any track off of their latest In Transit album, which is easily my favorite release of 2018, but let’s go with “Asleep”. Their songs have always been very dark and moody and they definitely keep that atmosphere alive here. I’ve been away from home a bunch this year, and this has been my main companion and kept me grounded (no pun intended) when flying and been the backdrop to some amazing road scenery. The sounds just seem to float in and out of this aural picture, from slide guitar to harmony vocals to synths, and keep you just uneasy enough, yet comforted.

Parrot Dream – “Ode to Octavia”

I’ve seen these guys a few dozen times and this is always the song that stands out. Upon my first hearing of it a few years ago, it just blew me away. I love the groove, and the heavy, echoed guitar isn’t too dissimilar from the sounds I try to get out of my gear. Needless to say, this one has been an influence.