Hanssen, Transit

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What do you see in this cover art? A person? An emotion? An inspiration? Or maybe just a nice picture?
Last month, we debuted Hanssen‘s first single off her new LP Transit. This month–on the day of Transit‘s release–we want to give you a peak inside the stunning LP, a follow up to Hanssen’s immensely successful Seven Years Week.
Both LPs are introspective and ideal for late-night headphone listening, but this new one especially feels thumping and full of movement and alive. It somehow walks that fine line between a thumping underground party and that mysterious, dark-eyed stranger standing in the far corner of the room. You just can’t get either out of your head.
Hanssen’s own life parallels the musical journey of Transit; she sticks to the themes of movement and of transition. Using concepts she understands well, such as gender fluidity and the reexamination of self, Brit Hanssen illustrates just how deliberate this album truly is. The track listing and blurriness of the cover art are only two examples that implement this theme of transition in this record as a whole. I like that Hanssen takes care to see the big picture – it’s not only about the music for this project, but rather about the whole sake of the art of persevering until everything in the project is connected. It all has a purpose; I challenge you to discover these connections for yourself.
Life is an endless journey, an incredible distance to travel, a continuous evolution of self. Life is a transit.
I ask you again, what do you see in this cover art?

Transit is available now.