Happy Families, “I Remember You”

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Bowery Electric have gone on to form a new project, misleadingly titled Happy Families, and in their first release, two tracks provide a look at a band as haunted as Joy Division and marred by cold, artistic-tinged introspection. The B-side of their first single is a cover of The Ramones' “I Remember You”, a great and unpredictable choice for the duo, as it takes what we know to be a poppy, easy listen into a edgy, disillusioned mania that drones on into oblivion. Simplified and minored-down, the track is as if you took the original Ramones melody and twisted it through a jagged hole in a wire fence. It takes on a metallic voice and a stonecold, heavy-felt sincerity that wreaks of discomfort. Listen to the track below, then compare notes by hearing The Ramones do it the first time around.

The single is now out on Sonic Cathedral and you can pick that up here.