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Healing Power

Formerly known as Pomegranates, Cincinatti four piece Healing Power are the forces of Jacob Merritt, Isaac Karns, Joey Cook and Pierce Geary, who are are upgrading their healthy living. From recording their upcoming self-titled EP for Broken Circles between a lake house in Tennessee to Sound of Music in Richmond, Virginia; the quartet brings you music for moving on. Music to help move forward. Music to soothe. Music to help forgive. Music for learning how to forgive. Music for healing, music that summons some a kind of inner courage, an inner power that was there all along.

The opening lyrics of “Heartache” illustrate the song's statement and thesis and dedication to embracing life. “I learned the difference between, living and dying, it was the realization of what is surviving”. Healing Power creates a song that is carved out of their own rules of order. The chorus that begs “don't let me break” is interspersed with moments of inner thought clouds that bring winter weather before taking off on flight bound notions of “lovers feelings”.

“Heartache” too is a song that exists in two parallel universes, and two different states of being. The realization of miracles and life's infinite possibilities are celebrated on the outside, while the song's middle section presents an echo ricochet moment of deep pondering. The mental and sentimental inward areas are given time to think and digest the mystery and riddles of existence while the song spins off on a center of celebration. Yet throughout the song there is an element of the supernatural, from the ghost vocal phasers, random piano keys, and Healing Power's postive mental attitude that keeps spirits flying high on life.

Jacob Merritt talked with us about the name change, and increasing their nutritional properties and title from Pomegranates to Healing Power.

What brought the shift in name from Pomegranates to Healing Power?

We felt like our music had evolved so much since our first couple records that a name changed made sense. We are still the same guys playing the same music and live show we would be. It was just time for a fresh name to match the fresh perspective we were working from at the time.

Has healing become more of a center of the band's focus?

I think it always has been. That was one of the ideas behind the name 'Pomegranates' in the past -the different healing properties you see associated in the past. And we really value the healing power music has in people's lives. It really does have the power to change people and situations for good or bad. Just the other night I was feeling pretty low and I heard that new Moby track with Damien Jurado 'Almost Home'. It really changed my mood and attitude.

Stories to share behind “Heartache”?

Hm. Well, initially the acoustic guitar part you hear was an electric mandolin part, but when we were recording we couldnt get the intonation right unfortunately. Intonation basically means everything is square on the instrument so its in tune no matter what notes you are playing. So, we figured out a different progression and went with it. The live version of this sone is a little more straight ahead rockin I think. One of our favorites live.

Healing recipes for heartache that any of you all have to offer?

It depends on the reason for the heartache. You can make a pie, but every pie has different ingredients.
I think forgiveness is a common ingredient in most heartache healing recipes. Perhaps it's the flour in the healing pie.

Tell us about the process you all employed in recording the upcoming EP for Broken Circles Records.

For 'Surfing the Human Heart' and 'House of My Mortal Father' we booked some last minute studio time at Sound of Music in Richmond while we were on tour. We recorded with Alan Weatherhead who has a real magic touch. He has done great records with Sparklehorse, Daniel Johnston, Cracker, Jason Molina, and more. We knocked them both out live in less than a day. The other two were from a session where we recorded about 12 or so songs in this gigantic lake house in Tennessee. A truly unforgettable experience. We did it ourselves with our friends Chad Wahlbrink engineering, and our buddy Ben Burroughs lending a hand with ideas as well. We like a bunch of those songs, it just didn't feel like the right record for us. The lakehouse stuff was back at the end of 2012, and we have evolved a bit since we recorded those songs.

Any other notes from the Cincinnati scenes?

Hello Honey has the best ice cream I've ever had (get the homemade toasted marshmallow on top).

Healing Power's self-titled EP will be available December 3 from Broken Circles Records.