Heavy Times at Roxaboxen

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Heavy Times seem unstoppable lately. Each new song that gets rolled out live seems better, tighter, different than the last. First it was “Might Not Shoot Myself”, and now “Lantern Trail”, the b-side to their new Windian Record subscription 7″. If this is any indication of the quality of their upcoming HoZac LP, the world should be ready.

The term “garage rock” gets thrown around in write-ups, but this stuff is a breed of its own. It's stunningly refreshing, and they know just where to lay the hooks so they sink in deep. I'm not sure how the recorded version will sound, but this video is brutal. This was a set at a local art gallery called Roxaboxen, to finish up the musical career of their friends Brain Idea. Heavy Times just played a few shows with Guided By Voices. You will be able to purchase the K-9 7″ separately from the subscription in a few weeks. Keep an eye out, and if this jolly bunch of degenerates comes through your town, you best be there.