Heems, Nehru Jackets

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Heems, Nehru jackets

Das Racist's Heems is second up to bat in the lineup of solo mixtapes due this year. Himanshu might rap in the sleepiest of flows and seem as though he hardly cares, but it's a rope-a-dope method. The Nehru Jackets mixtape is 25-tracks deep and far more work than any slacker would comitt to.

Produced entirely by Mike Finito, Nehru Jackets introduces us to a producer who admires Definitive Jux, Bollywood and The Alchemist equally, without making it difficult to intake all of these influences at once. At times the mixtape plays out like request that Definitive Jux re-open its doors. Finito's production is chaotic and in the red, much like El-P's finest output. The Blade Runner blitzkreig is most akin to the El-P tableau in the back to back beatdown from “NYC Cops” to “You Have To Ride The Wave”, which features Danny Brown and Mr. Muthafuckin' eXquire.

Nehru Jackets is available through a partnership with SEVA, a Queens community organization that raises awareness about redistricting the borough.

Download Nehru Jackets here.