First Person Shootr

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First Person Shootr

Lefse Records placed itself at the forefront of chillwave with Neon Indian, Houses, How To Dress Well and its subsidiary Waaga label. Since the fizzling of chill, Lefse sought the rockist sounds of Ganglians, Youth Lagoon, Dominant Legs and Way Yes; mostly safe records and one lightening in a bottle album from Idaho.

The label never stopped seeking the next odd vibes though, which is is how they encountered the brain-feeding woozy soul vibes of Fred Warmsley's First Person Shootr project. There will never stop being artists willing to align themselves with Prince affectations, but on "Punch Struck” Warmsley is not over eager to coo his way into our headphones. The vocals spend a few fleeting moments in the human element before becoming washed out drones that layer First Person Shootr's chilly LA-centric beat.

First Person Shootr, “Punch Struck”

Expect a First Person Shootr EP on Lefse in the near future.