Henry Chadwick, “Overtime”

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After touring as the drummer for roots-rock band The Coffis Brothers and as the frontman for My Stupid Brother, Henry Chadwick has finally decided to turn a new leaf and produce music on his own.  His brand new, critically-acclaimed EP, Guest at Home, was released only a few weeks ago, yet has been quite successful. Indie Shuffle points out that fans of the Strokes will especially love his sound; I have to agree. Today he gifts us all with a video for “Overtime,” a beautifully somber, yet hopeful tune. Be among the first to watch it right here.

The video is gorgeously shot; its simplicity and clarity show off the music and lyrics perfectly. “Keep breathing out, keep breathing out,” he says as the camera backs out farther and farther.  The image shatters, and the crisp bass line is like taking a breath of fresh air.  That’s the moment when everything truly comes together visually and sonically.

Says Chadwick of the premiere: “For the ‘Overtime’ video, we wanted to capture a headspace rather than tell a story. We wanted the video to show the feeling of the song, which is sort of overblown and exhausted. Kind of like when you’re going to bed at night and all of the sudden all the thoughts you’ve successfully avoided throughout the day peak out there heads to say hey. The video is all one shot that starts zoomed in and pulls back to reveal more. It all starts to break apart and keeps zooming out into space, so to speak. To me this is what the song looks like and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.”

We couldn’t be happier, either.

For more Beatles-meets-the Strokes-meets-Boy-Next-Door vibes, Chadwick’s Guest at Home is available now.