Holograms, “Flesh and Bone”

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Holograms LP cover

It’s been a year and half since their debut LP was released and according to their Brooklyn-based label, Captured Tracks, it’s been “a year and a half of touring, losing their jobs and parts of their sanity”. Eventful.

Despite having a seemingly turbulent year, Swedish punk quartet, Holograms, finally released a sneak peak at their new upcoming LP, Forever, with the track “Flesh & Bone”, and if this little taster is anything to go by, it sounds as though their experiences between the two releases have worked in their favour. (Hey, does that mean that if The Ting Tings had lost their jobs in 2012, Sounds from Nowheresville would never have happened? Zing!)

I guess we won’t know if their year of hard work has paid off until the full LP is released on September 3 of this year, but so far it’s certainly looking promising.

01 A Sacred State
02 Flesh & Bone
03 Meditations
04 Ättestupa
05 Luminous
06 Rush
07 Wolves
08 Laughter Breaks The Silence
09 A Blaze On The Hillside
10 Lay Us Down