Honduras, “Borders”

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Rockers without borders, Columbia, MO by Bushwick, Brooklyn's Honduras brings a sound beyond the partitions of political boundaries and sand drawn lines. Premiering their new song “Borders” off their forthcoming Morality Cuts EP for Last Place Tapes; Patrick Phillips, Tyson Moore, Nick Atria, and Josh Wehle extol dangerous feelings and tales of dangerous liaisons as their own moral cause. Following up their 2012 Cahokia EP, the quartet gives you the first listen from Morality Cuts like the graduating class of 285 Kent and Silent Barn's teeth-cutting institutions of NYC indie.

“Borders” deals with the intrusion of feelings and impending nervous conditions, and “heads all buzzed with a million different things”. The twin guitar attack of Patrick and Tyson brings a sonic rendering of every stress that reaches beyond the safety threshold with Nick and Josh reinforcing the warning through their seething rhythm section. While Honduras makes a rock and roll noise that all the Americas can appreciate, “Borders” hosts a sound for all seasons steeped in a style akin to traveling through the New York boroughs. You can hear the Brooklyn humid Summers to the Fall claustrophobia of traveling cross town in Manhattan running errands, the sunshine and rolling rain storms that cause Winter to change to Spring. Honduras rocks the the “Gimme Danger” old school mentality with a new school state of mind, and an immediacy that has no time for fair weather shenanigans.

We caught up with guitarist/vocalist Patrick Phillips to trace the roots of Honduras's beginnings to the danger zone of recording “Borders” and their upcoming Morality Cuts EP.

What were the circumstances, situations and other conditions like in Bushwick when you both formed Honduras?

Tyson moved to New York from Chicago and we lived together in a basement in Bushwick. I think the management company wanted us out and were being really shady when we tried to resign the lease. They tried to evict us, and one of our other roommates ended up suing them. We ended up winning, I dunno why really, the case, and not having the pay rent for a year. We turned the basement into a practice space and started playing.

What lead you both to call yourselves Honduras?

A couple years ago I went home to Missouri for the summer. I started working this landscaping job with this dude from Honduras. He was cool and we'd just move rocks, speak Spanglish, and became friends. When I was back in NY I was walking the Williamsburg and saw 'Honduras' in graffiti all over. Needed a name and it felt right.

Have either of you traveled there? Would you say vacation destination, maybe? Bucket-list kinda thing?

Traveling is inspiring/great. No, never been to Honduras. Central/South America would be eye opening.

How did you all get signed on to Last Place Tapes?

We knew Danny from shows and met Ayad through Danny. We get along, and music excites us.

What were the dangers involved with recording the banger “Borders”?

Recording the EP was very positive. Did live tracking at Converse Rubber tracks in Brooklyn, then me and Tyson went down to Atlanta to do vocals and mixing. It was great to be isolated from New York and jobs, and just sleep in a studio and focus on music.

What moral wisdom can you all impart on us in advance of the February 11 release of the Morality Cuts EP?

Call your mom.

The Honduras EP Morality Cuts will be available February 11 from Last Place Tapes.