HotKid, Late Night Mornings

Anna Selle

Somewhere in the intersection of Best Coast and Beach House lies HotKid, a Canadian three-piece electropop group who combine fuzzy surf rock guitar tones with distant vocals and ambient soundscapes. Their debut full-length album, Late Night Mornings, is out tomorrow. A combination of tracks produced by Adam King (Lowell) and pieces recorded at home, the 10-song album feels polished while retaining an air of DIY garage-rock.

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On Late Night Mornings, vocalist and guitarist Shiloh Harrison, bassist Peter McIntosh, and drummer Robbie Butcher are experimenting with the elements of traditional pop and rock music to make high-energy tracks that are both catchy and auditorily intriguing. Harrison’s vocals echo and resonate From track to track, Late Night Mornings traverses winding indie-rock terrain while exploring tones and song structures.The album leads off with ‘Need a Friend,’ a melancholic tune heavy in bass guitar and kick-drum. Musically, Late Night Mornings reaches an apex with ‘Caught in the Light,’ a melody reminiscent of psychedelic rockers Darker My Love.

HotKid’s Late Night Mornings drops tomorrow, but you can stream the album in its entirety today on Impose.

Keep up with HotKid here.

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