S. Fidelity ft. Harleighblu, "PPP"

Post Author: Andre G

Blesseth be the basement studio experience, which allows an artist to hole up for indeterminate amounts of time, away from worries about hours logged, antsy engineers or any other frivolous creative impedance. It’s from that repose that many creators can most easily fixate on streamlining the confines of their soundscape. It’s where Berlin-based hip-hop/electronic instrumentalist S. Fidelity put together A Safe Place To Be Naked, an appropriately titled 12-track album that’s set to drop tomorrow.
Fidelity has dropped an EP and a joint project with fellow producer Bluestaeb in the past, but A Safe Place to Be Naked promises to be the first full-length exhibition of the fresh sound he has been exploring. Fidelity, who’s currently working with Jakarta Records, has released six tracks from the project so far, most recently the 4-20 ready “PPP,” which features vocals from Tru Thoughts singer Harleighblu. The track is a buttery electro-soul ode to the good leaf which showcases Harleighblu riding smooth basslines and luminous synths with a sultry, lounge-ready zest.
A Safe Place To Be Naked is available for steaming and purchase here. You can steam “PPP” below.