House of Feelings, “Last Night I Got Lost In The Lab Mix”

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The nature of Godmode’s Faculty series is no backstory, no mythology. Let the music speak. In doing so, curiosity got the better of me upon hearing the debut recording from House of Feelings entitled “Learn Your Science”. Easily mistaken as a B.O.B. diss, “Learn Your Science” encapsulates the cheeky origins of DFA in its disco house chic and the kitschy laboratory pop of Thomas Dolby.

House of Feelings the dance night is less than a year old. In its puerile mythology there’s also this question of “Butt Lab” and what is it? No answers here. But House of Feelings can be understood as the brain child of Matty Fasano (aka Fasano) and multi-media artist and producer Mila Matveeva, who envision HoF as a quarterly roving house party rather than club night. The first House of Feelings was at 603 Bushwick in the spring of 2015. That was followed by Silent Barn and Elvis Guesthouse editions. Next week is House of Feelings IV at Trans Pecos with sets by DJ Fitness, DJ Blizzardo, DJ IggyCrisp, and Dave Harrington One Heart Trio.

Fasano was last week’s guest on our Audio Imposition Show on Newtown Radio and it’s worth a listen if more insight into House of Feelings is required. For now, the group has the following contribution to Friday Night to offer:

House of Feelings is a musical collective and dance party. Our next event is on February 6 at Trans Pecos. That’s almost two weeks away, so the “Last Night I Got Lost In The Lab” will have to do until then. It’s a mix of the kinds of sounds you’ll hear at one of our parties. – Joe + Matty

House of Feelings IV is Saturday February 6 at Trans Pecos.

“Last Night I Got Lost In The Lab Mix” tracklisting:
01 Le Tigre, “Deceptacon (DFA Remix)”
02 Klein + MBO, “Dirty Talk”
03 Hercules and Love Affair, “Hercules Theme”
04 Trussel, “Love Injection”
05 Bee Gees, “More than a Woman”
06 Shit Robot, “We Got a Love”
07 Blake Baxter, “When We Used to Play”
08 Model 500, “The Chase (Express Mix)”
09 Monika, “Secret in the Dark”
10 Underground Resistance, “Technology Gap”
11 FaltyDL, “New Haven”