Living an L-I-E with Huge Pupils

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Huge Pupils

Oh good, I was worried that we were having a lil’ shortage of honest to god rock n’ roll this week, but Huge Pupils saved the day. The New Jersey two-piece offer up a dose of the average, everyday blue-collar life: “Twin Peaks on VHS at night”; “Stumble to the backyard, throwing up post-haste”; “Stoned alone again/I don’t have many friends”; and “I just wanna take you to the movies, drive around and maybe get some smoothies” are just some snippets off Grilled Mind, one of two tapes that Huge Pupils put out earlier this week.

They won’t waste your time, either. Singer/drummer Sean Austin says what he needs to say and then gets the fuck out of there before things get too hairy. No time wasted on flashy solos or extensive effects, it’s just straight-up jams of the pop-punk/garage rock variety. There’s something about Jersey bands that make you feel good to be an average, everyday guy with your average, everyday mental breakdowns: “Driving down the L.I.E/Living an L-I-E,” Sean Austin sings on”Ricky Diamonds” off Don’t Die, the second of the two tapes. Let’s not fool ourselves, us internet junkies are all living some sort of L.I.E and I’m grateful to Huge Pupils for reminding me of that.

You can stream both Huge Pupils new cassettes below.