Hunx and His Punx is not your parents' necking music

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The peppy, rhythmic clapping, simple chords, and high-pitched vocals suggest that Hunx and his Punx are a traditional 1950s rock n’ roll band. You can imagine them playing local teenage sock hops with the likes of Danny and the Juniors. A brief listen to the lyrics, however, confirms that this ain’t the stuff your parents were necking to in the dark gym bleachers of decades past.

In reality, Hunx and his Punx is the quirky solo project of the highly entertaining Seff Leopard, formerly of the spectacular glam-rock outfit, GRAVY TRAIN!!!! Leopard brilliantly utilizes the musical foundation of early rock n’ roll (and a bit of Ramones-era punk) and dedicates the lyrical content to flamboyant homosexuality – liaisons with other guys, stealing allegedly straight young men from their jealous girlfriends, and the like. The result is by no means a meticulously crafted batch of 7” records, but it sure as hell makes for danceable feel-good pop tunes that will most likely make your next party playlist.

Hunx and His Punx, “Hey Rocky”

Hunx and His Punx, “Movin' On”