I Self Devine, LA State Of Mind

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I-Self Devine

I-Self Devine is bumrushing the first quarter with four mixtapes and a full length due in May on Rhymesayers. The first in I-Self's Culture Series mixtapes is LA State Of Mind. I-Self Devine is an older god in hip hop. His mixtape recalls a distant era of distinct funk samples and break beats, but I-Self is also creatively wise and treats his sound with care. Even though LA State of Mind operates in a classic 90's production style, it's captured the timelessness of the era pitch perfect.

I-Self Devine is performing a show at Minneapolis' legendary 7th Street Entry after the release of each mixtape. The first show is January 22.

Download LA State of Mind here.

I-Self Devine's The Sounds of Low Class America is out May 8 on Rhymesayers.