Import Export – “Lost Myself”

Berlin duo unleashes captivating new drum and bass track

Import Export‘s “Lost Myself” is a captivating drum and bass track that skillfully combines delicate vocals with a dynamic beat, resulting in a mesmerizing musical experience. Josi Miller and Stefan Heinrich, the Berlin-based production duo behind Import Export, demonstrate their exceptional talent in crafting a compelling narrative through music.

The song’s opening features ethereal vocals that are expertly filtered, accompanied by a mellow synthesizer that gradually builds into a more powerful sound as the drums kick in, culminating in a climactic moment. “Lost Myself” tells the story of a protagonist who becomes lost in a phase of dissatisfaction and fear surrounding the nightlife. The duo effectively portrays the overwhelming nature of interpersonal relationships, the numbing of senses, and the subsequent regret experienced the following day.

Blending elements of ’90s sad drum and bass and electronica, Import Export’s track transcends traditional genres, finding its place in any darkened time. Josi Miller’s DJing background and Stefan Heinrich’s training as a multi-instrumentalist and producer converge to create a truly unique sound that takes listeners on a celestial journey within the realm of dance music.

“Lost Myself” resonates with a diffuse feeling of uncertainty and repeated encounters with panic and excess. Import Export transforms this sensation into a musical expression that captures the essence of losing oneself to the nightlife. The song stands out from typical club tracks with its incorporation of verses that tell a compelling story, enriching the overall experience.

Give it a spin below: