Is Asher Roth's Pabst & Jazz an adieu-mixtape?

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Pabst & Jazz

Before Asher releases his Def Jam debut Is This Too Orange?, which will most likely turn us against him as he renews his presence on frat rows across America (the record features Akon for christ sake), he's keeping the rap purists on his good side with Pabst & Jazz. Throughout the year Roth's dropped loosies produced by Chicagoans Chuck Inglish and the Blended Babies production team. The free download Pabst & Jazz mixtape will feature several of these tracks, most of which will be posted daily this week on Asher's tumblr Hahayo.

Given Asher's decorated track record with Blended Babies and Chuck Inglish, we anticipate the mixtape to be a no-brainer for our Best Of December list. As for Is It Too Orange?. Asher told Billboard, “I mean, people have to understand that I'm in the music business. I'm signed to Def Jam Recordings. We have a certain responsibility there to do certain commercial music. But the cool thing about Def Jam is that they respect my artistry, that thorn in my side to do some really cool shit.” Which unfortunately reads of Asher releasing a Redman post- Doc's Da Name type record. Sure, we get it. His 16 to 22 demographic are the ones that will buy his record, attend his shows and keep him eating off rap. But that mid to late 20s demographic was beginning to forgive him for “I Love College” and it makes Pabst & Jazz feel like this is goodbye to “16 bar assassin Asher” for a couple years. Say it ain't so, Ash.

Asher Roth, “Common Knowledge”

Asher Roth, “Pabst & Jazz” (feat. Hassani Kwess & Kenny Keys)

Pabst & Jazz drops December 20.