Statement LP Is a Delicious Sundae

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Clan Destine Records out of Glasgow just got in touch with us to tell us about this epic new LP, split four ways. I love split LPs – 7-inches have their place but giving us four artists on an LP seems classier, more like putting together a real matchmaking session instead of just a one-night stand. A lot of the time these are double LPs, but instead this is crammed with short tracks from Slim Twig, Ela Orleans (who is helping out at Clan Destine these days), and U.S. Girls, and one really long one from Dirty Beaches. Slim starts it out with some of his dreamiest synth work yet, his baritone munching through the sweetness and marching us forward together. Next up is Dirty Beaches' 10 minute long experiment in aggressive ayurvedic guitar, with a drum beat to match.

Ela's contribution is some sweet low-key fuzz pop. I think Ela is doing the dark pop songstress thing better than anyone right now. Her voice has just the right amount of baroque tone to really add that heavy weight to the tracks. Lastly, U.S. Girls puts her set down on the floor and smashes it to bits, punching through her own harsh aesthetic to add a romantic chant. The record is limited to 500 copies and starts shipping nowish. Here's a sample from each artist to check out.