Jawbreaker Reunion, “Cosmos”

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Jawbreaker Reunion haha and then what ;)

As we learned from their discussion with Chastity Belt, Jawbreaker Reunion has been readying new material, alongside their studies, for the past year-plus. What was originally slated to be an EP grew into an long player, and if the lead single from their just announced haha and then what 😉 is any indication, we can expect a more mature, nuanced tone to their brand of pop-punk.

Like their name (and now album title), Jawbreaker Reunion tends to work with tongue planted firmly in cheek, yet “Cosmos” is a longing ballad that belies the aggression of prior work. In fact, it even belies the album title, as Lily Mastrodimos explained:

“‘Cosmos’ is about having feelings for someone who seems unattainable. You don’t know what to do, or how to proceed, or if what you feel is real. All you know is that this person means everything to you and you don’t know what you would do without them. They feel so far from you, and that distance feels infinite.”

“Cosmos” is not for those you trade texting dalliances with, but the one you crave. It starts softly before eventually growing in goose-bump-inducing-fashion, with visions of grandeur as the chorus reaches a crescendo:

“I’m a satellite and you’re the world to me.”

haha and then what 😉 will be released on February 26 via Miscreant Records. You can stream “Cosmos” below.