Chastity Belt vs. Jawbreaker Reunion

Post Author: Kate Bennis
chastity belt and jawbreaker reunion

It begins. All summer we have been posting up in the Silent Barn backyard, piling artists into that little trailer you’ve maybe noticed parked back there. It’s called The Canned Ham and it’s actually a multi-purpose hidden space within the space, having previously served as a pop-up gallery, micro office, and mini meeting room. For these interviews, we paired up artists who we thought might have interesting conversations together; for the first installment, we asked Chastity Belt and Jawbreaker Reunion to discuss the way both bands employ humor through their music. The resultant speed-date conversation covered everything from the roots of their bands and public perception of their band names, to astrology, college stories, and their thesis topics. Check it out to learn which of these bands played its first show at a frat house battle of the bands, what body substances they dream of one day shooting at audiences through water guns, and more!