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Geoff Rickly vs. Pictureplane

A prophetic discussion in a pop-up trailer.

Eskimeaux at Silent Barn

Our new video series explores the stories behind the songs.

Chastity Belt vs. Jawbreaker Reunion

Piling into the Silent Barn’s trailer to talk humor, astrology, college and more.

New York’s Alright: The Last Year

Documenting the final installment of the fest in all its bloody glory.

Pipe Check: Musicians review smoking devices for 4/20

With Remy Banks, Ava Luna, Tripletrain, and Eartheater.

Take a tour of Hardly Art Records

Out of the kitchen and behind the fourth wall.

Low Fat Getting High and Dead Stars interview each other

Featuring special guest strangers from the street.

TacocaT watch MacGyver

Not everyone was amused.

The Chain Letter Interviews: CMJ 2014 Pt. 1

Watch Jenn Ghetto, S, Gem Club, Malportado Kids and Heems interview each other.

A Round Table Discussion with Bob’s Burgers at NY Comic Con

Intimate discussions with the cast and creators in a group setting.

Cassie Ramone gives The Whips’ drummer a tarot card reading

What do the cards hold for young James?

Shannon and the Clams & TacocaT interview each other

And perform a septet rendition of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”.

A white guy and a black guy have a conversation

Open Mike Eagle and our founder attempt to have “the talk.”

Prince Rama watch Wings & Knight Rider

The sex appeal of David Hasselhoff meets the charm of Nantucket.

Tonstartssbandht watch Family Ties & Cheers

Putting the classics through the wringer.

Ambushing 4Knots

Forcing Mac DeMarco, Speedy Ortiz, Juan Wauters, and more to interview each other

Imposition Tour Pt. 2: Chad Valley, Shannon & the Clams, Solids, Mish Way, and Pup

Kinda like comic-con, this one starts with Star Trek and ends with masturbation.


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