Take a tour of Hardly Art Records

Post Author: Kate Bennis
Sub pop tour

Back in March of last year we wandered the halls of the Sub Pop offices in Seattle like kids in a candy store. We were treated to a history lesson of who’s who in modern rock; from Nirvana to Mudhoney to Sleater-Kinney to the Dwarves. Yet tucked away in a small room all to themselves is Sub Pop’s formidable sister-label Hardly Art, who has been steadily releasing some of our favorite records in recent years. During a trip to Seattle at the end of 2014, our video editor Kate Bennis met up with the HA staff and, much to our surprise, took her own tour of the office-within-the-office. Hosted by label publicist (and musician in is own right), Jason Baxter, the two of them created this video documentation of what it’s like to work at one of America’s most renowned music offices. It’s not all free beer and ice cream (although some of it is).