Silent Barn

Big Ups, Sharkmuffin, The Royal They & Maneka Played The Silent Barn


Shopping, Yucky Duster, Fits, and Boys Online at Silent Barn

When it came to Shopping, why choose? We went to both of their Brooklyn shows.

Grooms, Sleepies, Heaven’s Gate, and Parlor Walls at Silent Barn

An all-ages show celebrating the release of Sleepies newest album truly was all ages.

Retail, Dad, Spewing Cum, and DUH at Silent Barn

A punk show for the masses.

Guerilla Toss Talk No More Nudity & Fewer Drugs

“[Guerilla Toss] is a full-time job that pays way below minimum wage.”

Cleaning Toilets: Do We Need This Booking Agent or What?

DIY or die? Duh. But, hold on…

V4p0rú, Combo Chimbita, Los Aliens, and Yotoco at Silent Barn

Demystifying and dancing.

Cleaning Toilets: Are These Gigs Making Me an Alcoholic?

Our advice columnist offers himself some sober advice about drinking.

The Coathangers spend a nosebleed weekend in NYC

From the subway to the Canned Ham.

Cleaning Toilets: Why Does my Band Always Play First?

At no point will anyone be able to tell you what your band is worth.

Journalism, Bueno, and Psychic Selves at Silent Barn

Celebrating the release of FACES.

Gender Is Over! at Silent Barn with Laura Jane Grace, Lauren Denitzio, and David Dondero

The non-profit celebrated it’s one-year anniversary in style.

Cleaning Toilets: What’s With The Cost of DIY Shows?

Who pays for art?

Bellows, 100 Watt Horse, Real Life Buildings, and Moses Nesh at Silent Barn

An intimate Sunday evening show in Brooklyn.

Waxahatchee (solo), Trophy Wife, and Vagabon at Silent Barn

A benefit for Planned Parenthood on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

Silent Barn

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