Jealousy, “Sentenced to Life”

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Jealousy, the songwriting vehicle of San Francisco artist Mark Treise, emerged in 2011 with the release of Viles. In the Bay Area, Treise’s narcotic, somnambulant work of creaky texture, woozy bass, and muddled poetics remains a cult favorite of sorts—breathlessly praised in the Aquarius Records catalog while relatively unsung elsewhere. Indeed, the above press photo—which depicts Treise outside the Tenderloin rehearsal complex known as Turk & Taylor with storied drag lounge Aunt Charlie’s in the background—speaks to a distinctly San Franciscan arena of subcultural intersections.

Treise, who’s also bassist in leaden rock mainstays CCR Headcleaner, is finally set to follow up Viles on March 4th with the release of Paid For It, via Moniker. On it, Treise is in conversation with the traditions industrial and minimal-synth, though rarely indebted to them. “Sentenced to Life”, the first track shared from the record, is an especially lascivious song, carefully constructed from low-end and aptly evocative of moral bottoms. Listen below, and then revisit Viles highlight “We Are Having Your Children”.

Jealousy “We’re having your children” from JEALOUSYCHINA on Vimeo.