JMSN, “Most of All”

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Detroit singer-songwriter JMSN is gearing up to release his third album, It Is, in May. After announcing the album with “Cruel Intentions”, his first new music in years, he’s followed it up with “Most of All”.

JMSN composed and wrote the sultry track, which showcases the versatile artist exploring neo-soul waters. He croons about a mystery woman he’s longing to be with, before proclaiming, “if something feels right in the middle of the night you gotta do it.” Is he talking about a late night epiphany that steers the course of a career? Or is he referring to a more carnal urge, which his euphoric harmonizing explains more than words can?

The clever, omissive “most of all” aspiration creates an air of mystery on the soulful track. If “Most of All” is indicative of It Is’ soundscape, it just may mark him as a purveyor of modern neo-soul.

It Is will be released on May 6, you can stream “Most of All” below.