John Wesley Coleman, “A Clown Gave You A Baby”

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A hyperactive track from professional freak John Wesley Coleman out of Tickly Texas, “A Clown Gave You a Baby” is featured on the new record The Last Donkey Show on Goner, set to arrive on February 21st. This track is also available on a split 7-inch with Timmy's Organism from Goner as well. You might remember this cat as the guy who wrote a novel about Jim Morrison as if he never died called JIM NOW (is the world a better place?). This track seems pretty grown up, considering the subject matter – an organ chugs along in the background, lending a certain desperation to Coleman's vocals, and the song doesn't really fly its freak flag that high, but what it does have is exceptional catchiness.

John Wesley Coleman – A Clown Gave You A Baby (off “The Last Donkey Show” on Goner Records) by GonerRecords