Jonquil's Mexico EP

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Jonquil Mexico EP

This week, Jonquil released a triple remix of their single, “Mexico.” The free EP features the original version of the poppy, tribal song, cut from Jonquil’s Point of Go, released earlier this year, as well as remixes by Rush Midnight (of Twin Shadow) and 100% Silk’s Fort Romeau. But to round out the triple threat, Jonquil looked no further than their own frontman, Hugo Manuel.

Manuel recently announced his first full-length solo album as Chad Valley. He took a step towards a Twilight Zone re-invention by remixing “Mexico,” ditching the full-band sound of the original single for a sparser, private-dancer feel. The remixed song sounds like a lonely guy in a retro dance hall, building slowly on a synthetic symphony but staying simple all the way through.

In contrast, Fort Romeau’s remix builds on a bongo beat, adding horns and a bit of an exotic, Latin flavor that hits silent skids when the lyrics kick in. Rush Midnight works against the slowed-down vocals of the original “Mexico,” patching together disparate pieces of contrasting, jittery rhythms.

Manuel’s Chad Valley LP, Young Hunger, will be released on October 30 through Cascine and will also feature Twin Shadow. Point of Go is out now via Blessing Force overseas and Dovecote in the US.