Jumbled, Wish It Was Longer

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In an era of Trappers, Baltimore producer Jumbled is doing his best to keep the dusty drums slapping. The Baltimore producer recently released Wish It Was Longer, a whimsical 13-song LP which is meant to be “a showcase of production enhanced by guest vocals.” Jumbled takes a curious approach in a subgenre generally beholden to letting MCs smother the beats.


Jumbled collaborated with a slew of Baltimore-area MCs for the project, which got its title from the amount of listeners who were disappointed at it’s brevity. Choosing artists to work with is the easiest part of the project,” Jumbled said of the album, which took over two years to complete. Jumbled said he wanted to collaborate “primarily with friends who are skilled at their craft.”

Jumbled worked with a range of different artists who augment his production in varying manners. Ullnevano treats the chunky bassline of “Hampden Session” to an urgent delivery and obscure references. Dwell and Salk navigate a gliding keyboard sample on “Train of Thought.” Bigelow Riders deliver a skittish spoken-word verse on “That’s the Way it Goes.”

The rhymers all deliver cogently in their guest spots, but the star of the project is Jumbled. He chose a fleet of meaty samples and made the necessary flips to develop a project that nestles firmly in “alternative Hip-Hop” waters.

Wish it Was longer is available for purchase on Bandcamp. You can stream it below.

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