Junglepussy, “You Don’t Know Me”

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Junglepussy you don't know

“Where you see me? Where you said that you see me?” Junglepussy demands in her latest track, “You Don’t Know”. The track marks the one-year anniversary of her debut album, Satisfaction Guaranteed. The New York rapper, who has collaborated with Le1f and Princess Nokia, often mixes humor with relatability and bluntness in her lyrics. However, complete honesty risks inviting unwanted comments and criticisms from people quick to exploit an individual’s openness. Junglepussy is quick to correct those under the impression that they have her figured out: “Catch me on a stoop / Sipping grandma soup / While you out the loop.” While teaching us a lesson about judging others, Junglepussy delivers a powerful anthem that relishes being a mystery to others and declaring to them, “You don’t know nothing ‘bout what I do.”