Junk Science creates own label

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modern shark

In the wake of Definitive Jux folding, a lot of talented New York rappers and groups were left out in the cold. El-p took the reigns to lead his generation of rappers out of the dark Rawkus times. Bajae One of Junk Science could be this generation's El-p with his start-up label Modern Shark giving home to Def-refugee Cool Calm Pete and bringing in wayward son Serengeti.

Modern Shark is the freshest baby on the block. The label dropped a sampler over the weekend that should excite those who feared New York independent rap was destitute. The label does not list Cool Calm Pete or Serengeti as artists under its umbrella, but it's always refreshing to hear them kick dope verses. Let's hope Cool Calm Pete finds a new home soon. As for Serengeti, there's no use trying to slow a rolling stone – carry on, homie.

We've been keeping an eye on Scott Thorough projects since his Bisco Smith remix. Thorough's collaboration with Tone Tank on “Forties” is one of the most promising offerings on the sampler. Tone Tank gets nostalgic about the teenage art of asking grown folks to buy 40s at corner stores and other degenerate habits.

Download the Modern Shark Sampler here.

Modern Shark's first official release will be Junk Science's A Miraculous Kind of Machine on May 25.

Seregenti & J. Howells Werthman, “Twee”

Junk Science, “Millins” (feat. Cool Calm Pete)